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Titre Light Airplane and Glider Static and Dynamic Stability
Sous-titre The Aircraft Maneuverability, Basic Theory and Calculation
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Auteur PAJNO, Vittorio
Année de publication 2015
Langue anglais
Code ISBN9788875652173
Format170 x 240 mm
Nombre de pages 179
Résumé Préface par Vittorio Pajno :
“The aim of this book is to provide future designers and students of aeronatical engineering with a practical guide to be used in the study of static and dynamic stability on sailplanes and small aircraft.
“The proposed calculating method is better suited for sailplanes because of their shapes and good aerodynamics. The effect of propellers on the surfaces is a source of errors in the evaluation of moment contributions and stability derivative, thus a correct evaluation of them is very difficult.
“Another problem that is difficult to solve is the evaluation of a lot of theoretical data, which is due to the aeroelastic properties of aircraft. As a matter of fact we consider aircraft as if they were not deformable but we all know that structures are elastic.
If we think about it the torsion of sailplanes and the bending of wing and fuselage at maneuverable speed are relevant owing to the peculiar structural slenderness. As for the coupling of the lateral and directional forces and the consequent motions we must consider that hte static approach is a limited one. A better approach to this problem can be made by considering a dynamic analysis. Sample calculations are intended to explain further the already pragmatic approach used in writing the chapters of this book. I hope that the matter so treated can provide a panoramic view of this part of the design of sailplanes and small aircraft: aircraft stability.”
Genre Théorie du vol
Remarques IBN Editore, 2015

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