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Titre Sailplane Design Example
Sous-titre Design Calculation Example, Structural Dimensioning, Technical Specifications, Design Rules
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Auteur PAJNO, Vittorio
Année de publication 2016
Langue anglais
Code ISBN9788875652579
Format170 x 240 mm
Nombre de pages 315
Résumé Introduction par Vittorio Pajno:
The book has been divided into four parts: the first one shows the basic content, and the second one describes the historical and technical progress of sailplane design and construction over a century. It is useful to have a look at the past in order to understand how slow progress and the factors affecting it are; it helps us to imagine the future better and to improve the actual state of the art. The third part is intended to show us how to proceed in order to calculate the various sailplane parts... is an introduction to a possible future project.
“The fourth part deals with the basic structural calculations to be made in order to complete a project. This fourth part has been prepared as simply as possible to make it easily approachable for young people or enthusiasts and amateurs that do not have adequate technical culture.”
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