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Titre Advanced soaring made easy
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Auteur ECKEY, Bernhard
Année de publication 2016
Édition 4e
Langue anglais
Nombre de pages 432
Sommaire Chapter 1 Training in the vicinity of the airfield
Chapter 2 Weather and gliding
Chapter 3 Preparing for cross-country flying
Chapter 4 Local soaring & early cross-country
Chapter 5 Landing out
Chapter 6 Advanced cross-country flying
Chapter 7 Winning the mental game
Chapter 8 Flying competitively
Chapter 9 Let’s get technical
Chapter 10 Ridge lift and slope soaring
Chapter 11 Wave lift
Résumé Bernard Eckey introduces his new book: This 4th edition is now the all-encompassing book on advanced soaring. New topics have been included, the structure of the book was changed, the page layout and graphics were much improved, the text has been revised or extended throughout, and the quality of many new photographs is simply spectacular - all courtesy of my editor, who until recently was the 35-year editor of the Canadian gliding magazine, Free Flight. Previous editions have quickly turned into best sellers (the third edition was available in four languages) and have already helped many solo pilots become highly skilled and very competent cross-country pilots. This new and final edition is completely up-to-date with current changes in the sport and offers new pilots a self-coaching tool with all the information needed from a single source. This doesn't mean that performance oriented pilots were forgotten; on the contrary, chapters on competition flying, glider fine-tuning, and the all-important psychological aspects assist experienced pilots to improve their success rate in competitions or enhance their chances at record attempts. Every glider pilot can benefit from the breadth of information in this book. Inexperienced pilots will gain valuable insights while building basic skills, avoiding setbacks and disappointments. Cross-country pilots can use the advanced theoretical knowledge in the development of superior practical skills. Competition pilots will find their knowledge challenged, resulting in insights that will greatly contribute to rapid progress. In short, "Advanced Soaring Made Easy" is the ultimate book for pilots trying to get on the fast track to success - a book that no ambitious glider pilot can afford to ignore.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Remarques Contact Bernhard Eckey, Australie :

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