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Titre After Solo...
Sous-titre Soaring Advantures in the 1-26
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Auteur Collectif
Année de publication 1974
Langue anglais
ÉditeurWilliam E. Doherty Jr
Nombre de pages 146
Sommaire - Achnowledgements
- Introduction
- How Far Can You Go?- 1-26, A Love Story by W. A. Scott
- How Long Can They Stay Up?
- 36 Hours in the Schweizer 1-26 by Gesa Vass
- FAI Soaring Badges
- My Best Flight by William B. Cleary
- Beyond the Next Hill
- An Afternoon of Soaring by Richard Bach
- And It's Fun for the Family
- A Day on the Ridge, and... by Alberta Sterling
- Majestic Silence
- Two-Lennie Flight in a 1-26 by David C. Johnson
- In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edward P. Williams
- Wanderlust!
- The Travels of OOJ by Marion C. Cruce
- A Gathering of the Clan
- The Saga of the Soaring Dutchmen by Lowel C. Yund, M.D.
- In a Class By Itself
- Little Did I Realize by Charles W. Shaw
- Class Conscious
- A Gaggle of Regattas
- If Your Choice Is Competition
- Competition Soaring by Ted L. Teach
- To Buy or Not To Buy?
- Buying a 1-26? by Fred Robinson
- The 1-26 in Clubs & Schools by Fred Robinson
- Ups & Downs
- Tis Folly to be Wise by David B. Sheldon
- Footprings in the Sky by Lowell Yund
Appendix I - History of the 1-26 by James B. Short
Appendix II - The 1-26 Association - Achievement Awards
Appendix III - Glossary
Appendix IV - Bibliography
Appendix V - 1-26 Glight & Erection Manual
Appendix VI - Membership Application
Résumé Ce livre est une collection d'histoires réelles de vol à voile par une variété d'auteurs . Il comprend également un court manuel de vol et d'entretien pour le planeur 1-26 (modèles A à E) au fin du livre.
Genre Monographies machines & Aventures

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Schweizer SGS 1-26 (p. )
Schweizer SGS 1-26A (p. )
Schweizer SGS 1-26E (p. )

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