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Titre Winning on the wind
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Auteur MOFFAT, George B. Jr.
Année de publication 1974
Langue anglais
ÉditeurThe Soaring Press
P.O. Box 960 Los Altos, California 94022
Los Altos (California)
Nombre de pages 243
Sommaire Illustrations

1 The Modern Sailplane, An approach to evaluation
2 Four American Metal Ships : Sisu 1 A, HP-8, HP-10 and HP-11
3 Standard Class Potpourri : Ka-6, Olympia 463, BG-12, Foka, Edelweiss and Austria
4 The Calm before the Storm : Skylark 4, Elfe MN, Dart, Austria SHK, HP-14, plus 2-32 and T-49
5 Wood Turns to Glass : Standard Elfe, Standard Cirrus and ASW-15
6 First of the New Breed : Nimbus, Kestrel, BJ-4 and FK-3
7 The View from VRSAC, 1972, More than met the eye
8 Competition Face-off : ASW-17 vs Nimbus II

9 Low-Loss Flying, Winning by not losing
10 Contest Strategy, Thinking ahead is half the battle
11 Practicing for Competition, Essential for consistent results
12 The First Big Contest, And how to fly it

13 Starting at Chavenay, 1959. How is your technical French?
14 Records at El Mirage, 1962.
15 Thermal Tightrope.1963 Nationals at El Mirage
16 1964 National Competition. And flying a 300-Km triangle
17 A Near Miss. The Nationals at Reno, 1966
18 The First Big Win, Marfa, 1969
19 "Welcome Back, World Champion", A win at the Worlds (Marfa, 1970)
20 Bad Day at VRSAC, The 1972 Worlds in Yugoslavia
21 Winning on the Wind, Contest flying as an Idea-Liberal and Waikerie

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Genre Techniques et Construction
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Possesseur(s)Andreas A.
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