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Titre More with less
Sous-titre Paul MacCready and the Dream of Efficient Flight
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Auteur CIOTTI, Paul
Année de publication 2002
Langue anglais
ÉditeurEncounter Books
665 Third Street
Suite 330
CA 94107-1951
San Francisco
Formatbroché 16 cm x 23 cm
Nombre de pages 259
Sommaire Texte découpé en 40 courts chapitres.
Résumé In the 1970s a group of California visionaries developed an interest in lightweight, low-powered machines. Scientist and engineer, Paul MacCready, pulled them together to build a plane capable of winning a long-standing prize for human powered flight. Their other successes included a man-powered plane, a solar powered plane, a solar-powered car, an 18-foot flapping wing flying replica of a pterodactyl for a Smithsonian-sponsored IMAX film, and a high-altitude unmanned solar airplane that can perform the same functions as orbiting satellites. Paul Ciotti tells the story of the individuals who made up this group, but ultimately More with Less is about Paul MacCready himself, an American dreamer whose tough minded inventiveness altered our scientific skyline. Paul also won several US National and World soaring competitions and is the inventor of the MacCready Speed-to-Fly theory and MacCready Ring.
Genre Biographie
Possesseur(s)Andreas A. & ClaudeL
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Prix15 €
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