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Titre Flying Faster and Further (1)
Sous-titre Part 1
Sous-titre Extending the Basics of Cross Country Soaring
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Auteur BRADNEY, Maurie
Année de publication 1998
Langue anglais
ÉditeurThe Gliding Federation of Australia
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Nombre de pages 84
Sommaire Foreword
Pilot needs
Joining other gliders
Turn point photography
Using the MacCready speed to fly system
Tactical considerations for task flying
Cross country check list
The daily thermal cycle
Thermal structure
Thermal waves
Thermal pattern
Better thermalling
When you get stuck
Maps- and some things about them
Map reading
The compass
The GPS system
Radio use
Oxygen use
Physical fitness and gliding
The 12 minutes fitness test
Centering procedure
Looking at the weather forecast
Companion flying
Practice for cross country when local soaring
Résumé A free collection of interesting information, compiled by Maurie Bradney from original and numerous other sources.
Genre Théorie du vol
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