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Titre Advanced soaring made easy
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Auteur ECKEY, Bernhard
Année de publication 2009
Édition 3e
Langue anglais
Format200 mm x 270 mm
Nombre de pages 430
Sommaire Chapter 1: Local soaring
Chapter 2: Gliding and weather
Chapter 3: Flight preparation
Chapter 4: Extended local soaring
Chapter 5: Advanced cross-country flying
Chapter 6: Winning the mental game
Chapter 7: Flying competitively
Chapter 8: Let’s get technical
Chapter 9: Outlandings
Chapter 10: Safety first
Chapter 11: Ridge lift and Slope soaring
Chapter 12: Wave lift
Résumé Gliding means flying modern machines of great beauty and elegance for hundreds of miles in total comfort and without resorting to engines. Success depends on the skill of extracting the necessary energy from the atmosphere around them. Real determination to succeed is a good starting point but good progress and full enjoyment requires some study as well. A basic theoretical knowledge is essential for success and that's what this book is all about. It not only covers all sources of energy for soaring, but it also deals with weather analysis, flight preparation, mental aspects, safety matters and competitive flying. In short, it is a first class training aid to guide pilots from local soaring to advanced cross-country flying and beyond.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Remarques Extraits sur le site Wally Kahn & BGA UK eBook Collection.

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