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Titre Badge Soaring : The Bronze Badge... Made easy
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Auteur WANDER, Bob
Année de publication 1995
Langue anglais
ÉditeurBob Wander's Soaring books and supplies
PO Box 17250
MN 55417
Tél : (952)920-1804(800)660-0238
Contact :
Site Web :
Format211 mm x 280 mm
Nombre de pages 47
Sommaire The preliminaries
- Bronze badge FAQs (Frequently asked questions)
- Bronze badge prerequisites : the ABC badges
- Bronze badge requirements
Earning your bronze badge
- Flight preparation and planning
- Practicing for the bronze badge written examination
- Answers and references for the practice examination
- Bronze badge acheivement checklist
Moving on...
- Building a personal soaring library
- The silver badge
- The SSA
- Soaring books and supply order form
- About Bob Wander
Résumé Everything you need to know to earn your Bronze Soaring Badge. Includes comprehensive, 101-question practice examination to prepare you for the Bronze Badge Written Examination. Unique checklist makes record-keeping a snap. Nothing else like it in print.
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