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Titre Badge Soaring: The Silver Badge... Made easy
Sous-titre A User-Friendly Guide to Earning Your FAI Silver Badge
Sous-titre --
Collection Gliding ...Made Easy
Auteur WANDER, Bob
Année de publication 1995
Langue anglais
ÉditeurBob Wander's Soaring books and supplies
PO Box 17250
MN 55417
Tél : (952)920-1804(800)660-0238
Contact :
Site Web :
Format211 mm x 280 mm
Nombre de pages 68
Sommaire Backgroung
The preliminaries
About the silver badge
Documenting badge flights : the basis
Silver height gain flight : 1000 meters gain
Silver duration flight : five hours
Silver distance : 50 kilometers
Résumé Complete preparation for earning the Silver Badge. Describes all FAI requirements for Silver Distance, Silver Duration, and Silver Gain Of Height. Includes barograph procedures, charts, navigation, documentation. Unique checklist makes record keeping a snap. Nothing else like it in print.
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