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Titre The art of thermaling... Made easy
Sous-titre A User-Friendly Guide to Finding and Using Thermals and Thermal Streets
Sous-titre --
Collection Gliding ...Made Easy
Auteur WANDER, Bob
Année de publication 1995
Langue anglais
ÉditeurBob Wander's Soaring books and supplies
PO Box 17250
MN 55417
Tél : (952)920-1804(800)660-0238
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Format211 mm x 280 mm
Nombre de pages 56
Sommaire Dedication
Soaring, Speculation and Decision-making
Flying round circles
Thermal structure
How to search for thermals
Entering and centering thermals
Leaving thermals
Thermal streets
Minimum sink airspeed
Thermal weather
For further reading
The Soaring Society of America (SSA)
About Bob Wander
Résumé Guaranteed to make you a better soaring pilot. Finding, entering, centering, and leaving thermals. Finding and using thermal streets. Weather observation techniques. Thermal prediction. The most complete treatment of thermaling and thermaling decision-making in print. If you are not getting the most out of thermaling, you can keep on buying extra aerotow launches...or you can buy and read this inexpensive but comprehensive book and discover how to get the most out of thermals.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Où le trouver ?Knauff & Grove :
Remarques Nombreuses illustrations et photos noir et blanc.

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