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Titre Cross-Country Soaring
Sous-titre A Handbook for Performance and Competition Soaring
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Auteur REICHMANN, Helmut
Année de publication 2005
Édition 7e édition
Langue anglais
Nombre de pages 172
Titre originalStreckensegelflug
Traduit deallemand
Sommaire Part I
* Flight in Lift
* Navigation
* Landing Out
* Speed-to-Fly
* Physical Conditioning
* Competition Tactics
* Training and Conditioning
* Equipment

Part II
* Meteorology
* Speed-to-Fly
* Equipment
Résumé Helmut Reichmann was a very competitive sailplane racer and a strong mathematician. This book explains the complicated speed-to-fly theories and backs them with many equations that can be used to model cross-country soaring flight. I especially like the sections on how and where thermals form, competition tactics, and speed-to-fly theory.

Part I: Flying Practice and Techniques contains the information the pilot should have in order to participate successfully in distance soaring for badges or competition. In addition to practical suggestions a certain amount of basic theory is included when unavoidable for complete understanding, and when it can be presented in a relatively simple and compact form.

Part II: Theoretical Section provides the basis for Part I and can serve to increase the depth of comprehension of the material altogether. It also includes individual points which are considered essential to a complete understanding of the problems of modern soaring. The division of this part into individual sections is based largely on that of Part I, so that direct correlations can be made between theory and practice even when they are not specifically pointed out in Part II.
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Remarques Nombreuses illustrations en couleur et photos noir et blanc.
Première édition publiée en 1975.

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