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Titre End of the Line
Sous-titre Glider Pilot's Aerotow Manual
Sous-titre --
Collection Bob Wander's "Gliding Mentor" series
Auteur SHAIN, Murray
Année de publication 2006
Langue anglais
Format211 mm x 280 mm
Nombre de pages 40
Résumé Mastering the aerotow is one of the more challenging tasks that the soaring newcomer must acquire. In every other category of aircraft, whether airplane, rotorcraft, lighter-than-air or powered lift, a pilot is concerned only with the handling of his or her machine. In gliders launched by aerotow, the glider pilot needs to control the glider and simultaneously pay close attention to the actions of the towpilot and towplane.
Learning to fly steadily behind a towplane may seem strange at first. But with a little concentration and practice, you'll master it, as do the many hundreds of people each year in the United States who learn to soar.
The Federal Aviation Regulations stipulate that a student pilot (in gliders) trained to launch by aerotow must receive and log flight training for the following maneuvers and procedures:
* Launches, including normal and crosswind
* Emergency procedures and equipment malfunctions
* Inspection of towrope rigging and review of signals and release procedures
* Aerotow procedures
* Emergency operations, including towrope break procedures
This book will help you understand and master each of these items.
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