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Titre Flight Training Manual For Gliders
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Auteur HOLTZ, Russell
Année de publication 2005
Langue anglais
FormatReliure spirale 215 mm x 279 mm
Nombre de pages 252
Sommaire Flight Training Progress Record
1: Orientation, Pre-flight, Post-flight
2: Takeoffs
3: Aerotow
4: In-flight Maneuvers
5: Landing Patterns
6: Landings
7: Flying in Lift
8: Emergency Procedures
9: Aeronautical Decision Making
Review Questions
Answer Key
Résumé Each chapter of the Flight Training Manual for Gliders addresses a separate stage of flight, such as takeoff, aerotow, or landing. Each chapter is divided into lessons that cover a specific task, skill, or maneuver.
Most lessons are explained in four parts; purpose, procedure, common errors, and completion standards. The “purpose” outlines the relevance of the task or skill. The “procedure” describes the task or skill in detail. The list of “common errors” points out the usual pitfalls. The “completion standards” are the performance criterion that must be met for the lesson to be considered mastered.
In the front of this manual, you will find a list of topics titled the “Flight Training Progress Record”. The progress record includes every lesson that a student must master. For every topic in the progress record, there is a corresponding lesson in this manual. Extra copies of the progress record are available in the downloads section of the publisher's web site.
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Prix57 $
Remarques 97 figures, 249 review questions

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