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Titre Glider Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
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Auteur HOLTZ, Russell
Année de publication 2005
Langue anglais
FormatReliure spirale 215 mm x 279 mm
Nombre de pages 424
Sommaire Aeronautical Knowledge Progress Record
1: Glider Familiarization
2: Airport Familiarization
3: Aerodynamics
4: Performance
5: Flight Instruments and Systems
6: Weather for Soaring
7: Aviation Weather Services
8: Medical Factors
9: Regulations
10: Flight Publications
11: Airspace
12: Aeronautical Charts and Navigation
13: Radio Communications
14: Personal Equipment
15: Cross-Country Soaring
16: Aeronautical Decision Making
Review Questions
Answer Key
Résumé The Glider Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge contains all of the information that a student must learn to meet the FAA requirements, to pass the FAA written test, and to pass the SSA bronze badge written test.
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Prix84,50 $
Remarques Much of the content from this book is taken from the F.A.A. publication Pilot's Handbook or Aeronautical Knowledge which is available in printed form, or as a free download. Russell's intent was to add value to the material in the FAA publication by explaining it thoroughly, making it specific to glider operations, and adding any information that is not included in the FAA publication.

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