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Titre Gliding : Theory of Flight
Sous-titre The British Gliding Association Manual
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Auteur LONGLAND, Steven
Année de publication 2007
Édition 2e édition
Langue anglais
Format189 mm x 228 mm
Nombre de pages 313
Sommaire Acknowledgements
Faltering steps
Lift, drag and the boundary layer
Forces in flight
The placard, structure and flight limitations
Stability and control
Stalling and spinning
Gliding performance

Further informations
Résumé The official manual of the world famous British Gliding Association. This book is recommended reading for all glider pilots and instructors.
This second edition combines must-have scientific material and over 400 illustrations to take the reader through the key theories of flight. Providing an authoritative and updated resource, this book includes:

* Basic Aerodynamics
* Instrumentation
* Cross-Country Flying
* Stalling and Spinning
Highly illustrated and beautifully designed, this book explains how and why gliders work, making this complex topic comprehensible.
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Prix37 $
Remarques Première édition 2001

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