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Titre New Soaring Pilot
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Sous-titre --
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Auteur WELCH, Ann & WELCH, Lorne & IRVING, Frank G.
Année de publication 1977
Édition 3e édition
Langue anglais
Format140 mm x 221 mm
Nombre de pages 412
Sommaire Part 1
Soaring progress
Introduction to soaring
Circling in thermals
Landing in fields
Cross-country soaring
Further cross-country soaring
Hills and mountains
Instrument flying
Using soaring weather
Championship flying
Parachute and other survival matters
Physiological considerations

Part 2
Glider design and assessment
Theory of glider performance
Further theory of glider performance
The variometer
Other instruments and equipment
Flight limitations

A note on units
Conversion factors
Conversion scales and equivalents
The ICAO standard atmosphere
Lift coefficients, wing loading and speeds
Reynolds number
Annalysis of performance curves
Thermal velocity profiles
Selecting tasks for gliding contests
Compass swinging
Radio notes
Rules of the air
OSTIV requirements for pilots's controls
Trailer reversing
List of symbols

Résumé The name seems to imply that it was written for new glider pilots (just learning to fly), but it is actually a more advanced book for pilots that have moved beyond the initial training stage and are now interested in more technical subjects such as cross-country soaring. It was an expanded edition of a previous book called "The Soaring Pilot" which was copyrighted in 1955, 1957 and 1960. Therefore the word "New" indicates that it is a very revised edition and the word "Soaring" hints that it is about cross-country soaring rather than learning to fly a glider. It is a very complete and technical book about soaring. The cover notes and table of contents give a good indication of the topics covered. I don't recall any other soaring books that cover "Parachutes and other Survival Matters" or the exact specifications for a Braunschweig total energy probe. Also covered are glider design considerations - interesting even if you are not designing a glider.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Où le trouver ?Épuisé
Remarques Première édition 1968, 2e Ed. 1970 et 3e Ed. 1977
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