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Titre The Platypus Papers
Sous-titre Fifty years of powerless pilotage
Sous-titre --
Collection --
Auteur BIRD, Michael
Année de publication 2000
Langue anglais
Format215 mm x 308 mm
Nombre de pages 160
Sommaire Introduction by George Moffat
Foreword bu Platypus
Platypus : a chronology
Low hops and high hopes
Over the hills and far away
Survival of the fittest, fastest, most cunning, devious etc.
Those magnificent flying machines
People, partnerships and passions
Heck, it's supposed to be dangerous, isn't it?
Soaring costs
Travel broadens the behind : gliding in Europe, Australia & New Zealand
Under western skies : gliding in the USA
Falling apart gracefully
I have seen the future... But I'm not sure it works
Cover photograph captions
Résumé This is a collection of columns from the British magazine "Sailplane & Gliding." I had the very distinct pleasure of spending some time with the author of this book recently as he prepared to address a group of U.S. glider pilots at the national convention, where Mr. Bird (Platypus) was honored with the Joseph C. Lincoln award for this collection. Naturally I bought a copy of the book and it has hardly been out of my hands since then. Platypus' writings are insightful, opinionated, and hilarious. His brand of humor contains more than a kernel of truth. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in soaring, gliding, aviation, or a good laugh, or for anyone who appreciates a keen-eyed observer of (one's own) human nature.
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