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Titre See ya' at the airport!
Sous-titre The Colorful Stories of a Soaring Contest Vagabond a.k.a.
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Auteur SPRATT, Charlie
Année de publication 2004
Langue anglais
Format152 mm x 226 mm
Nombre de pages 160
Résumé A great collection of stories written by Charlie, about his life - working at soaring contests, towing glider trailers across country, and mentoring kids. Charlie is a great storyteller.
Following his many years as a gate keeper and contest director, Charlie Spratt has written a book - the first to be published by the National Soaring Museum.
Charlie's stories contain a wealth of detail about soaring contests, people and sites, some still active and others no longer around. His writing style is straightforward and colorful. He has the ability to make us sit back and look at the soaring scene through his eyes. He gives us his insight and makes us laugh because we recognize it so well.
From his vantage point, Charlie is able to observe developments in U.S. soaring that are well worth documenting. His stories and anecdotes can truly be considered a chronology of recent U.S. contest soaring history.
Genre Aventures
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
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Prix19 $

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