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Titre Soaring Flight Manual
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Auteur SANDERSON, Jeppesen & Soaring Society of America (SSA)
Année de publication 1984
Langue anglais
ÉditeurSoaring Society of America
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Nombre de pages 200
Sommaire Part I. Principle of soaring
1. Sailplane aerodynamics
2. Performance considerations
3. Flight instruments
4. Weather for soaring
5. Medical factors
6. Regulations for sailplane pilots
7. Flight publications and airspace
8. Aeronautic charts and navigation
9. Computations for soaring
10. Personal equipment

Part II. Flight skills
11. Pre-flight and ground operations
12. Aerotow launch procedures
13. Ground launch procedures
14. Basic flight maneuvers and traffic patterns
15. Soaring techniques
16. Cross-country soaring

Part III. Workbook exercices
- Workbook section
- Answer section

Alphabetic index
Résumé This was the standard training manual in the USA when I started soaring in 1990. It does a good job of explaining the principles of soaring and flight skill necessary for flying sailplanes. It has been replaced by the Glider Flying Handbook.
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