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Titre The Soaring Pilot's Manual
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Auteur STEWARD, Ken
Année de publication 2008
Édition 2e édition
Langue anglais
Code ISBN978-1-84797-044-2
Format150 mm x 218 mm
Nombre de pages 400
Sommaire Section 1. Basic soaring
1. The principles of soaring
2. Thermals
3. Thermal soaring
4. Hill lift
5. Hill soaring
6. Lee waves
7. Wave soaring
8. Sea breeze fronts

Section 2. Cross-country soaring
9. Task selection
10. Preparation to flight
11. Cross-country in thermals
12. Speed flying
13. Dolphin flying
14. Water ballast
15. Cross-country in wave
16. Navigation
17. Turning points
18. The final glide
19. Landing out

Section 3. Personal improvement
20. Personal improvement
21. Badge flying

Appendix 1. Speed-to-flight ring construction
Appendix 2. Compass swinging
Appendix 3. Motor gliders and turbo gliders
Appendix 4. Useful addresses
Résumé The Soaring Pilot's Manual advances the reader from elementary flying to confident soaring by clearly and precisely explaining the basic soaring mechanisms and techniques. Explanatory diagrams illustrate the text throughout, making a complicated subject simple to understand. Having covered the first steps, the book progresses to cross-country flying and the final section contains exercises that will be found useful for any glider pilot wishing to improve his ability and qualifications. The latest technology, such as GPS navigation and instrument systems is covered.
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