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Titre Stick and Rudder
Sous-titre An Explanation of the Art of Flying
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Auteur LANGEWIESCHE, Wolfgang
Année de publication 1990
Édition 3e édition
Langue anglais
Format155 mm x 236 mm
Nombre de pages 390
Sommaire 1. Wings
2. Some air sense
3. The controls
4. The basic maneuvers
5. Getting down
6. The dangers of the air
7. Some more air sense
Résumé In the early 1940's, Wolfgang Langewiesche wrote a series of articles in Air Facts analyzing the various aspects of piloting techniques. Based on these articles, Langewiesche's classic work on the art of flying was published in 1944. This book explains precisely what pilots do when they fly, just how they do it, and why. These basics are largely unchanging. The book applies to large airplanes and small, old airplanes and new, and is of interest not only to the learner but also to the accomplished pilot and instructor. Today, several excellent manuals offer the pilot accurate and valuable technical information. But Stick and Rudder remains the leading think-book on the art of flying.
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Prix27 $
Remarques Autres éditions 1944 et 1972.
Nombreuses illustrations noir et blanc.

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