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Titre Towpilot Manual
Sous-titre --
Sous-titre --
Collection Bob Wander's
Auteur COMPTON, Burt
Année de publication 2006
Langue anglais
ÉditeurBob Wander's Soaring books and supplies
PO Box 17250
MN 55417
Tél : (952)920-1804(800)660-0238
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Format214 mm x 276 mm
Nombre de pages 44
Sommaire The Gliding Mentor Series
Author's notes
Aerotow defined
Towplane airworthiness
Towplane preflight
Tow rings
Towrope maintenance
Towrope lenght
Towrope strengh
Weak links
Towrope management
Dropping the towrope
Flight operations
Towpilot aeromedical considerations
The towpilot-glider pilot briefing
Towing heavy gliders
Before taokeoff
Takeoff with glider in tow
Departure procedure
Release and descent procedure
Landing the towplane with the towrope attached
Dropping the towrope
Crosswind operations
Go around
After landing
Aerotow emergency scenarios
Towpilot recognition and reaction to kiting
Unanticipated termination of the aerotow
Glider towhook release failure
Cross-country aerotow
Aerotow retreives
Passengers in the towplane
Federal aviation regulations overview
Towplane airworthiness and the FAR's
Exerpts from the Federal Aviation Regulations
Signals for ground operations
Airborne aerotow signals
FAA glider flying handbook/ Soaring flight manual
End of the line : glider pilot aerotow manual
SSF safety videos
How to contact Burt Compton
About the SSA
The Gliding...Made Easy! book series
About Burt Compton and Bob Wander
Résumé Towpilot Manual was written to advance the skills and enhance the safety of all towpilots, present and future. The accent is on safe practice throughout, and even veteran towpilots will discover valuable safety enhancement techniques in this book.
Genre Techniques et Construction
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Remarques Nombreuses illustrations et photos N&B.

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