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Titre Understanding Gliding
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Auteur PIGGOTT, Derek
Année de publication 1995
Langue anglais
ÉditeurAdam & Charles Black Ltd
Format189 mm x 230 mm
Nombre de pages 252
Sommaire List of illustrations 6
Introduction 9
1 The evolution of the modern sailplane 11
2 How and why a glider flies 22
3 The effect of the wind 70
4 Design for performance 106
5 Airbrakes and other drag producing devices 124
6 Launching methods 133
7 Fore and aft stability and control 145
8 Lateral stability and control 175
9 Directional and spiral stability and control 186
10 Flight limitations 195
11 Glider structures 210
12 Converting from gliders to powered aircraft 218
A The Yates effect 238
B A suggested syllabus for training a Silver *C' glider pilot to
Private Pilots' Licence standard 240
C Vectors and force diagrams simply explained 242
D Conversion tables 251
Index 253
Résumé In the fourth edition of this classic work on the subject, Derek passes on yet more of his comprehensive knowledge of the sport. He presents the basic principles of gliding in a style any pilot can easily understand.
For those who would like to improve their gliding performance as pilots, this is an essential book written by an expert in the field.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Où le trouver ?Cumulus Soaring Inc. (Paul E. Remde)
Prix30 $
Remarques Le sommaire est celui de la première édition. Extraits de la première édition (1977) sur le site Wally Kahn & BGA UK eBook Collection.

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