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Titre The Otto Lilienthal Medal
Sous-titre Awarded to the Czech Republic For The First Time
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Auteur ZEJDA, Vladislav
Année de publication 2008
Langue tchèque & anglais
Format213 x 217 x 12 mm
Nombre de pages 88
Sommaire Acknowledgements
Otto Lilienthal - One of the greatest pioneers of aviation
High flyers
Lilienthal Medal awarded to the Czech Republic for the first time
Who is Hana Zejdová
Future gliding projects
Description of a glider flight by actor and pilot Luděk Munzar
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Résumé This is a very interesting little book - in many ways. It starts with a nice history of Otto Lilienthal's contributions to aviation and goes on to describe the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) award bearing his name. It then describes the first time the medal was awarded to someone in the Czech Republic - to Hana Zejdová. The reason I stated that the book was interesting in many ways is that many aspects of the book make it interesting to just about any pilot - especially any glider pilot. I learned a lot from the book, and I was inspired by the book. I learned a lot about Otto Lilienthal and other award winning legends of aviation. I learned much about the many amazing accomplishments of Hana Zejdová. I was inspired by how Hana has overcome many challenges and discrimination and earned more world records than anyone else in aviation history (man or woman) - a total of 57 world records to date. I enjoyed reading about Hana's success as a soaring contest pilot, and her amazing record setting adventures in Australia. I also found here plans for the future equally intriguing. The ICADA Project has among its goals to fly a glider across the Atlantic Ocean and even around the world.
Genre Histoire
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