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Titre Teaching Harry to fly
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Sous-titre --
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Auteur MILLETT, David
Année de publication 1993
Langue anglais
ÉditeurHartley Publishers
27 Scotforth Road
Lancaster ( Lancashire )
Code ISBNISBN-10: 0952143909 ISBN-13: 978-0952143901
Nombre de pages 135
Sommaire CHAPTER ONE. Ground handling.
CHAPTER TWO. Cockpit drill. Effect of controls.
CHAPTER THREE. Straight and level. Rolling in. Staying in. Rolling out. Turning. Further effects. Coordination.
CHAPTER FOUR. Use of trim. Aiming point. Aerotow.
CHAPTER FIVE. Circuit planing. Groundspeed/airspeed. Cross wind circuits. The mythical flight. Using the airbrakes.
CHAPTER SIX. Stalling. Spinning. C of G. Wind gradient. Harry goes solo.
CHAPTER SEVEN. Winch launching. Cable breaks.
CHAPTER EIGHT. Thermal soaring. Centering the lift. The right weather.
CHAPTER NINE.How to practise. Technique. Field selection. Finding thermals from the ground.
CHAPTER TEN. Hill soaring. Wave flying.
CHAPTER ELEVEN. A talk with the Boss. Landings up hill and down hill. The low approach. More about the angle of attack
Genre Techniques et Construction & Jeunesse
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