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Titre A Glider Pilot Bold
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Auteur KAHN, Wally (Walter)
Année de publication 2008
Édition 2e édition
Langue anglais
ÉditeurAirplan Flight Equipment Ltd. (AFE)
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Code ISBNISBN-10: 1906559066 ISBN-13: 978-1906559069
Format20,4 x 14,8 cm
Nombre de pages 198
Sommaire Another bite of the cherry
Chapter 1 The early days and Oerlinghausen
Chapter 2 More Oerlinghausen
Chapter 3 Mindeheide and Scharfholdendorf
Chapter 4 Dunstable and Redhill
Chapter 5 The Mynd and The Cambridge Club
Chapter 6 Comps and All
Chapter 7 Denmark
Chapters The BGABall
Chapter 9 More of them and us
Chapter 10 The Lasham Airfield history
Chapter 11 Robert Kronfeld
Chapter 12 Lasham
Chapter 13 Derek Piggott-Our hero!
Chapter 14 Retrieves and other stories
Chapter 15 Pont and Angers
Chapter 16 The battle for Lasham
Chapter 17 Fund raising and downbeat
Chapter 18 Wills, the World Champs and the Irish
Chapter 19 We have 'em even if they are not all there
Chapter 20 More Hero's
Chapter 21 And finally
Appendix 1 Wings for Prudence
Appendix 2 Fred Slingsby
John Stanley Sproule
HCN Nick Goodhart
Alan (Derek) Piggott
Humphrey Dimock
Naomi Heron-Maxwell
Keeping up with the Jones'sss
Major General A J Deane-Drummond
Appendix 3 Wally Kahn's Gliding CV
Appendix 4 A selection of gliding songs
Résumé A glider pilot bold was he A maiden unsuspecting she He landed one day near her home Demanding tea and telephone
Her dainty heart had missed a beat Steep turns at five and twenty feet The field was very very small The trees were very very tall ...

Walter Kahn's love affair with gliding started in 1945 and his book tells many amusing stories about the people he has met over the past fifty-odd years. Tales of those men and women in their flying machines, the songs they love to sing and events leading to the glider movement as it is in this country today are faithfully recorded, supplemented by a list of gliding books published in the United Kingdom.
A very active glider and power pilot, he competed in national and international gliding contests, broke numerous gliding records and taught very many men and women to glide.
For a number of years he was a Committee member of the Surrey Gliding Club and the Lasham Gliding Society. He was also a Council member of the British Gliding Association, chairing two committees, a committee member of the Royal Aero Club and represented the BGA on the CCPR Council. He holds the International Diamond C gliding certificate.
Genre Histoire & Biographie
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