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Titre Going solo
Sous-titre A simple guide to soaring
Sous-titre --
Collection Know the Game
Auteur PIGGOTT, Derek
Année de publication 1978
Langue anglais
ÉditeurAdam & Charles Black Ltd
Code ISBNISBN-10: 071361899X ISBN-13: 978-0713618990
Format19,4 x 13 cm
Nombre de pages 112
Sommaire Introduction 9
1 Facts and formalities 10
Training, licences and formalities, facts about gliders
2 The glider 14
The controls, how an aeroplane flies, flying speed, turning,
launching, performance
3 Before your first flight 20
When to go gliding, sensations, cockpit checks, your seating
4 Early nights 26
The correct flying attitude, using the controls, trimming,
turns, the landing
5 Getting up there 40
Launching methods, aerotow launching—positioning up
and down, the low tow position, lateral control on tow,
signals on tow, car and winch launches, cable breaks and
launch failures
6 Stalling and spinning 55
Stalling, incipient spins, full spins, recovery from a full
spin, low 'g' sensations
7 Control of the approach 65
Airbrakes, approach speeds, uses of airbrakes
8 Circuit planning 75
Circuit planning, preparing to land, never low and slow, Sturns,
landing out of wind, flying in high winds
9 Solo at last! * 93
Requirements for solo local soaring, thermal soaring, hill
soaring, wave soaring, things to practise
Further reading 105
Index 107
Genre Techniques et Construction
Remarques Extraits sur le site Wally Kahn & BGA UK eBook Collection.

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