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Titre Sky full of heat
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Sous-titre --
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Auteur KAWA, Sebastian
Année de publication 2012
Langue anglais
ÉditeurSCG Widawnicktwo
Code ISBN9781481147354
FormatBroché, 21 x 29,7 cm (A4)
Nombre de pages 346
Titre originalNiebo pełne Żaru
Traduit depolonais
TraducteurNick Rattenbury
Résumé How to enjoy flying and how to fly successfully.
Eight time World Champion and his secrets of success: passion, knowledge and experience. The most extreme side of the extreme sports.
Part 1 - My Wings Sebastian talks about sailing and flying, his first flights and first competitions, wins and loses, gliders and avionics, safety and taking necessary risk.
Part 2 - Ars Volandi How to plan cross country flights, how to use thermals, where to look for them, how to win competitions and tons of other tips from the world’s best.
Genre Techniques et Construction
Où le trouver ?SGC wydawnictwo.

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