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Titre Proceedings of the International Conference on Aerial Navigation
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Année de publication 1894
Langue anglais
ÉditeurThe American Engineer and Railroad Journal
47 Cedar Street, New York
New-York (NY)
Nombre de pages 424
Sommaire Preliminary Address of the World's Congress Committee on an International Conference on Aerial Navigation
Opening Address. By O. Chanute, C.E.
On the Problem of Aerial Navigation. By the late C. W. Hastings
The Internal Work of the Wind. By S. P. Langley, Secretary Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C.
Anemometry. By S. P. Pergusson, Blue Hill, Mass., Meteorological Observatory
The Air Propeller. By H. C. Vogt, Naval Experimenter, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Elastic-Fluid Turbine a Possible Motor for Aeronautical Use. By J.H.Dow, Cleveland, O
Notes on the Materials of Aeronautic Engineering. By Professor Robert H. Thurston, Director Sibley College, Ithaca, N. Y.
Flying Devices. By George Crosland Taylor, F.R.G.S., A.I.E.E., Helsby, Cheshire, England
Atmospheric Gusts and their Relation to Flight. By Professor A. F. Zahm, Nôtre Dame University, Nôtre Dame, Ind
Sailing Flight : From Observations Made at Constantine, Algeria. By J. Bretonnière, C.E. , Constantine, Algeria
A Theory of Sailing Flight. By William Kress, Vicuna, Austria
Soaring Flight. By E. C. Huffaker, C.E. , Bristol, Tenn.
Theory of Soaring Flight. By Ch. de Louvrié, Engineer Combebizon, France
The Mechanics of Flight and "Aspiration." By A. M. Wellington, Member Am. Soc. C.E.
On the Action of a Bird's Wing. By B. Baden Powell, Lieutenant Scots Guards, England
Notes on the Design of Flying Machines. By J. D. Fullerton, Major Royal Engineers, England
Aeroplanes and Flapping Flying Machines. By William Kress, Vienna, Austria
Note on the Elastic Screw. By William Kress, Vienna, Austria
The Advantage of Beating Wings. By Ch. de Louvrié, Engineer, France
Stability of Aeroplanes and Flying Machines. By Professor A. P. Zahm, Nôtre Dame University, Nôtre Dame, Ind
Plying Machines, Motors, and Cellular Kites. By Lawrence Hargrave, Experimenter, Sydney, New South Wales
Suggestions and Experiments for the Construction of Aerial Machines. By F. H. Wenham, Engineer, Goldsworth, England
Learning how to Fly. By C. E. Duryea, Mechanics/ Engineer, Peoria, Ill.
A Programme for Safe Experimenting. By L. P. Mouillard, Cairo, Egypt
Experiments witli Hexagon and Tailless Kites. By W. A. Eddy, Experimenter, Bayonne, N. J.
Some Experiments with Kites. By J. Woodbridge Davis, New York City
Manufacturing Hydrogen Gas Balloons. By Carl E. Myers, Aeronautical Engineer, Frankfort, N. Y.
Natural Gas Balloon Ascensions. By C. E. Myers, Aeronautical Engineer, Frankfort, N. Y.
Flotation versus Aviation . By Professor De Volson Wood, Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J., Member Am. Soc. Mech. Eng.
Manoeuvring of Balloons. By Carl E. Myers, Aeronautical Engineer, Frankfort, N. Y.
Systematic Explorations of the Upper Air, with Estimates of Cost. By Mark W. Harrington, Chief of Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C.
Observations in Balloons. By C. C. Coe, Aeronaut, Eidge Mills, N. Y.
Balloon Meteorology. By Carl E. Myers, Aeronautical Engineer, Frankfort, N. Y.
Scientific Results Gained by Balloons. By H. A. Hazen, Weather Bureau, Washington, D. C.
Explorations of the Upper Atmosphere. By N. de Fonvielle
Ten Miles Above the Earth. Discussion. By H. A. Hazen
Appendix A. Discussions of A. M. Wellington's Paper on the Mechanics of Flight and Aspiration. By A. M. Wellington
Appendix B. Discussion of the Theory of the Aeroplane as contained in Prof. S. P. Langley's Paper on the Internal Work of the Wind. By J. Bretonnière
Appendix C. Reply of Mr. Bretonnière to Criticisms on Sailing Flight.
Résumé Actes d'une conférence internationale sur la navigation aérienne, organisée par Octave CHANUTE et qui s'est tenue à Chicago (USA), du 1 au 4 août 1893.
Genre Techniques et Construction
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