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Titre Flying machines - Construction and operation
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Auteur JACKMAN, W. J. & RUSSELL, Thos. H. & CHANUTE, Octave
Année de publication 1910
Langue anglais
ÉditeurThe Charles C. Thomson Co.
Nombre de pages 225
Sommaire I. Evolution of the Two-Surface Flying Machine,
Introductory Chapter by Octave Chanute, C. E.
II. Theory, Development and Use
Origin of the Aeroplane - Developments by Chanute and the Wrights - Practical Uses and Limits.
III. Mechanical Bird Action
What the Motor Does Puzzle in Bird Soaring.
IV. Various Forms of Flying Machines
Helicopters, Ornithopters and Aeroplanes- Monoplanes, Biplanes and Triplanes.
V. Constructing a Gliding Machine
Plans and Materials Required - Estimate of Cost - Sizes and Preparation of Various Parts - Putting the Parts Together.
VI. Learning to Fly
How to Use the Glider Effect of Body Movements - Rules for Beginners - Safest Place to Glide.
VII. Putting On the Rudder
Its Construction, Application and Use.
VIII. The Real Flying Machine
Surface Area Required - Proper Size of Frame and Auxiliaries Installation of Motor - Cost of Constructing Machine.
IX. Selection of the Motor
Essential Features - Multiplicity of Cylinders Power Required Kind and Action of Propellers - Placing of the Motor.
X. Proper Dimensions of Machines
Figuring Out the Details - How to Estimate Load Capacity - Distribution of the Weight - Measurements of Leading Machines.
XI. Plane and Rudder Control
Various Methods In Use - Wheels and Hand and Foot Levers.
XII. How to Use the Machine
Rules of Leading Aviators - Rising From the Ground - Reasonable Altitude - Preserving Equilibrium - Learning to Steer.
XIII. Peculiarities of Aeroplane Power
Pressure of the Wind - How to Determine Upon Power - Why Speed Is Required - Bird and Flying
Machine Areas.
XIV. About Wind Currents, Etc
Uncertainty of Direct Force - Trouble With Gusty Currents - Why Bird Action Is Imitated.
XV. The Element of Danger
Risk Small Under Proper Conditions - Two Fields of Safety - Lessons in Recent Accidents.
XVI. Radical Changes Being Made
Results of Recent Experiments - New Dimensions - Increased Speed -The One Governing Rule.
XVII. Some of the New Designs
Automatic Control of Plane Stability - Inventor Herring's Devices - Novel Ideas of Students.
XVIII. Demand for Flying Machines
Wonderful Results in a Year - Factories Overcrowded with Orders.
XIX. Law of the Airship
Rights of Property Owners - Some Legal Peculiarities - Danger of Trespass.
XX. Soaring Flight
What We Can Learn From Birds.
XXI. Flying Machines vs. Balloons
Advantages and Disadvantages of Each.
XXII. Problems of Aerial Flight
XXIII. Amateurs May Use Wright Patents
XXIV. Hints on Propeller Construction
XXV. Glossary of Aeronautical Terms
Genre Techniques et Construction
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