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Titre A history of aeronautics
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Auteur VIVIAN, Charles E.
Année de publication 1921
Langue anglais
ÉditeurW. Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.
Nombre de pages 600
Sommaire Part I - The evolution of the aeroplane
I. The period of legend
II. Early experiments
III. Sir George CAYLEY - Thomas WALKER
IV. The middle ninenteeth Century
V. Wenham, Le Bris and some others
VI. The age of the giants
VIII. American gliding experiments
IX. Not proven
X. Samuel Pierpoint LANGLEY
XI. The WRIGHT brothers
XII. The first year of conquest
XlII. First flyers in England
XIV. Rheims, and after
XV. The Channel crossing
XVI. London to Manchester
XVII. A summary-to 1911
XVIII. A summary-to 1914
XIX. The war-period I
XX. The war-period II
XXI. Reconstruction
XXII. 1919-1920

Part II - 1903-1920- Progress in design
I. The beginnings
II. Multiplicity of ideas
III. Progress on standardized lines
IV. The war period

Part III- Aerostatics
I. Beginnings
II. The first dirigibles
III. Santos-Dumont
IV. The military dirigible
V. British airship design
VI. The airship commercially
VII. Kite balloons

Part IV- Engine developments
I. The vertical type
II. The Vee type
III. The radial type
IV. The rotary type
V. The horizontally-opposed type
VI. The two stroke cycle engine
VII. Engines of the war period

A short bibliography of aeronautics
Genre Histoire
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