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Titre Gliding 1931
Sous-titre Yearbook of the Dorset Gliding Club
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Auteur Inconnu
Année de publication 1931
Langue anglais
Nombre de pages 103
Sommaire Foreword, by Colonel The Master of Sempill
Editorial Note
Come Gliding, by Charles Byron
Forty Years of Gliding, by Enrich Offerman
Gliding in the British Isles: 1930 in retrospect, by L. Howard-Flanders
The Safety of Gliding, by Captain C. H. Latimer Needham
The Theory of Flight, by H. J. Penrose
How Gliding is Taught at the Wasserkuppe, by C. H. Jackson
Tail-less Gliders, by Captain G. T. R. Hill
Choosing Gliding Sites, by Robert Kronfeld
Achievements in Germany during 1930, by Ronald Flinsch
Gliding in America, by Donald F. Walker
The British Gliding Association, by Douglas W. Genge
The Association of Northern Gliding Clubs, by E. T. W. Addyman
The Feminine Point of View, by Mile. Susi Lippens
Talk Gliding and Write Gliding, by C. F. Carr
What is a Glider ?
Glider and Sailplane designs
Constructional Work : what clubs can and cannot do, by J. H. Payne
Airworthiness and How to Ensure it, by V. S. Gaunt
Materials used in Glider Construction
Weights and Strengths of Materials
The Doping of Gliders
Register of Gliding Clubs in the British Isles
Statistics of Gliding Clubs - - - Table facing
Glossary of Terms
Table of Gliding and Soaring Flight achievements
General Information
Genre Histoire
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