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Titre The Sky my Kingdom
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Sous-titre --
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Auteur REITSCH, Hanna
Année de publication 1955
Langue anglais
ÉditeurThe Bodley Head Ltd.
28 Little Russell Street, London W.C.I
Nombre de pages 231
Traduit deallemand
TraducteurLawrence WILSON
Sommaire The Child that Watched the Sky 9
I Take to the Air 14
From Gliding to Powered Flight 29
Medical Student at Kiel University 41
My First Flight in a Storm-Cloud 45
I Become a Gliding Instructor 55
The Rhon Soaring Contests 58
Stunt Flying for the Films 61
Soaring in Brazil and the Argentine 64
The German Institute for Glider Research 76
Training Glider Pilots in Finland 78
Pupil at a Civil Airways Training School 82
Flying at Night 88
Across Europe to Lisbon 89
Test-Gliding 101
A Bird Soars over the Alps 111
First Flights for the "Luftwaffe" 117
Flying Indoors 119
A Visit to the U.S.A. 129
Adventures in Africa 138
My Home 149
Test-Pilot in Wartime 155
The Iron Cross 170
I Crash in a Rocket Plane 173
Conversations with Himmler 181
With the Troops on the Russian Front 185
I Fly the Vi 188
The Last Journey to Berlin 199
I Live to Fly Again 215
Index 219
Genre Biographie
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