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Titre Glider flying
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Auteur WELCH, Ann
Année de publication 1963
Langue anglais
Nombre de pages 230
Sommaire 1 What Gliders Can Do
Description of soaring flights.
2 Gliding Clubs
What the clubs are and what they do, trial flight, clothes, safety.
3 About the Gliders
Characteristics, shape, performance, materials, cockpit.
4 How Gliders Are Launched
Car towing, winch launching, aero towing, bungey launching.
5 Introduction to Learning
Method of training, two-seaters, instructors, proficiency standards, ground handling, signalling,
6 Learning to Fly (1) Handling the Glider
Controls, and their effect, stability, turns, the launch, approach and landing, use of airbrakes.
7 Learning to Fly (2). Preparing for Solo
Planning the circuit, stalls and spins, cable breaks, instruments, rules, first solo.
8 Post Solo Flying
Conversion to different gliders, cross wind landings, steep turns, aero towing.
9 Soaring - Methods and Weather
Hill and mountain lift, wave soaring, thermal soaring, sea breezes, synoptic charts.
10 Using Thermals, and Local Soaring
Centring in a thermal, local soaring, air law.
11 Preparation for Cross-Country Flying (7)
Parachutes, barographs, maps, compass, navigation.
12 Preparation for Cross-Country Flying (2)
How to land in fields.
13 First Cross-Country Flight
Leaving home, retrieving.
14 Speed Flying
Technique, best speed to fly, final glide.
15 What to do with a Day
Met. considerations, distance, out-and-Returns, triangles.
16 Cloud Flying and Aerobatics
Cloud flying, instruments and rules, meteorological considerations, aerobatics, safety, chandelle, loop.
17 Expeditions, Competitions and Records 184
Description, entering competitions, world Championships, records.
18 On Becoming a Private Owner
Choice of glider, costs, trailer, maintenance, operation.

Information on Gliding Clubs.
Genre Techniques et Construction
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