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Nom FIESELER, Gerhard
Année de naissance1896
Année de décès1987
Pays Allemagne
Activité(s) Constructeur
Biographie The firm was founded on April 1, 1930 as Fieseler Flugzeugbau in Kassel by World War I flying ace and aerobatic champion Gerhard Fieseler. Fieseler had been a manager for the Raab-Katzenstein, but when this company went bankrupt, Fieseler bought a sailplane factory in Kassel and quickly turned it to building sports planes. At the same time, Fieseler still custom-built sailplanes for some of Germany's most prominent designers and pilots, including Wolf Hirth's "Musterle" and Robert Kronfeld's "Wien" and "Austria" (for many years the largest sailplane ever built).
Sources bibliographiques Gerhard Fieseler - eine Karriere Ein Wirtschaftsführer im Dienste des Nationalsozialismus, par WIEDERHOLD, Thorsten. Biographie (p. )
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