Fiche biographique n° 295

Nom WHIGHAM, Eugene (Gene)
Année de naissance1922
Année de décès2005
Pays USA
Activité(s) Pilote & Concepteur & Constructeur
Biographie Eugene (Gene) Whigham (age 82) passed away February 13, 2005, in San Diego, CA. During his life he designed, built, and flew seven sailplanes. Gene competed in some regional and national competitions and earned his Silver Badge (#282) in 1957 and Gold (#125) in 1962. He was currently flying a motorglider, a design which he had modified and built from a kit. He was a flight test engineer for Convair in San Diego for many years. Aircraft for which he had responsibility include the Sea Dart, the Guppy, and several production commercial transports. Geneús first design, the Whigham GW-1, flew in 1959 and had a max L/D of 29 at 55 mph. Other designs followed with various configurations including one with v-tail and another with flaps. His final design, the GW-7 flew in 1987 and had a maximum L/D of 39. Further information on these designs is available in the SSA Sailplane Directory. Gene will be missed by his fellow pilots in the San Diego area and lovers of soaring everywhere.
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Autres sourcesSoaring Society of America
Planeurs associés Bonnet-Clément BC-1
Whigham GW-1
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