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Nom TCHERANOVSKI, Boris Ivanovitch
Année de naissance1896
Année de décès1960
Activité(s) Concepteur & Constructeur
Biographie B. I. Cheranovsky was born on either 1 or 13 July 1896 in Pavlovich, Volyn province, Russia. By profession he was painter and sculptor, but in 1920 became interested in aviation. From 1924 to 1927 he studied at the Air Force Academy. From 1922 on he engaged in the design and construction of airframes and aircraft of the flying wing configuration. For his services to the aviation industry, Cheranovsky was awarded the Order of the Red Star. He died in Moscow, Russia, on 17 December 1960.
Sources bibliographiques Das Segelflugzeug par LANGSDORFF, Werner von. Mention (p. 46, 167)
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