Orličan VSO-10 Vosa

Autre nom (ou nom en langue originelle) : Orličan VSO-10 Gradient
Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Pays Tchécoslovaquie
Designer(s) JANOVEC, Jan
Premier constructeur Vyvojova Skupina Orličan (VSO), CZ
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Performance

Envergure 15 m
Longueur 7 m
Hauteur 1.38 m
Surface alaire12 m2
Profil aileEmplanture : Wortmann FX-61-163 ; saumon : Wortmann FX-60-126
Masse à vide250 kg
Masse maxi380 kg
Charge alaire31.67 kg/m2
Vitesse mini68 km/h
Vitesse maxi250 km/h
Finesse maxi36 à 90 km/h
Taux de chute mini0.64 m/s à 73 km/h
Nb sièges1
Ballast56 L

[Jane's all the world aircraft 1984-85]
[via Michel Blanchard]


Vyvojova Skupina Orličan (VSO), CZ225
Nombre total de constructions225
Infos techniquesVSO 10B Vosa (Gradient) : version à rout rétractable (Classe Standard)
VSO 10C Vosa Club (Gradient Club): version à roue fixe (Classe Club)
Empennage en T.
The VSO 10 is a mixed-construction glider with wooden and steel tube structural members, aluminium alloy rear fuselage and glass-fibre sandwich skins. The wings are shoulder-mounted and the tailplane is mounted on top of the integral fin. Conventional control surfaces include all-wooden slotted ailerons, all-metal DFS airbrakes on the upper and lower surfaces of the wing and fabric-covered all-metal elevators and rudder. The undercarriage in the Standard Class aircraft is a manually retractable rubber-sprung monowheel with a drum brake, (non-retractable in the Club-Class aircraft), with a rubber-mounted steel skid under the tail. The pilot is accommodated in a fully reclined seat under a removable canopy rear segment and fixed forward segment. Provision is made for 56 l (15 US gal; 12 imp gal) water ballast, for use in strong lift conditions.
Histoire résuméeThe VSO 10 Vosa (Vosa - Gradient) is a Standard and Club-Class glider designed and manufactured in the Czechoslovak Republic from December 1978 as a replacement for the VT-116 Orlik II.
Development of the VSO 10 started in 1972 and the first prototype flew on 26 October 1976. The first prototype test flights ended 16. 9.1977. Serial production began in December 1978, the Type Certificate was granted on 15 May 1979, with the first production gliders entering service with Czechoslovak aeroclubs soon after. In 1990 the company ceased production when they started to build Schempp-Hirth gliders. Schempp-Hirth are the current holders of the VSO 10 Type Certificate.
Liens personnalités Pas de personnalité associée.
RemarquesVosa = Guêpe
Exemplaires existants
Immatriculé : OK-3516 (En état de vol), localisation : Aeroklub Zbraslavice (CZ)
Immatriculé : OK-9504 (En état de vol), localisation : Aeroklub Zbraslavice (CZ)
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Liens WEBSite : EASA . Certificat de type VSO 10. (2015-11-25 CL)
Site : Aeroklub Zbraslabvice . VSO - 10 "Gradient"; OK-9504 & OK-3516. Texte + photos + specs. (2015-11-25 CL)
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