Humek H-2 Metla

Autre nom (ou nom en langue originelle) : Humek H-2 Muha
Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Pays Argentine
Designer(s) HUMEK
Premier constructeur HUMEK
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Entraînement

Surface alaire--
Profil aile--
Masse à vide--
Masse maxi--
Charge alaire--
Vitesse mini--
Vitesse maxi--
Finesse maxi
Taux de chute mini--
Nb sièges1
StructureBois et toile

[via Mitja Sersen]
[dessin de Mitja Sersen]


Nombre total de constructions--
Infos techniques--
Histoire résuméeThere was a group established in Maribor in year 1929.
First they build primary Gliders of Zoegling type, but later they starts to design their own gliders. Young designers Cijan, Sostaric and Humek, starts to design and build their own designs.
Humek was designer of the H2 Metla.
It was designed in summer 1939 and starts to be assembled.
In jun 1940 the glider was prepared for covering job.
A kind tradesman donate for the covering fabric and named glider as Muha (Fly)
In september, first test flights show that rudder is a bit small, but this did not represent an important obstacle as at end of flying season, pilot Majcen done a 7 km flight from a mountain.
Unfortunately by German occupation (WW2), all gliders were confiscated, and many destroyed during the occupation. H2 did not survive the war years.

As there was no plans made for that glider, because designer send only rough hand drawings into a workshop, probably no those documents survive.
All we have so far are some writtings and 2 photos in a historic book "Slovenes and Aviation". Unforunately both authors of the book are dead for some years now.
I also know, that there was a H1 glider made and I poses some technical data (span, area, taper...) and I know that H2 had less span and lower AR. Also Humek`s friend Sostaric design glider Cavka at the same time and probably both use some design concepts from a well known glider Salamander. So there are some basics that helps in finding out the glider layout and some proportions. [Mitja Sersen]
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RemarquesMetla = balai (Broom) & Muha = mouche


Liens WEBSite : Forum Rétroplane . Présentation et reconstitution du plan 3 vues par Mitja Sersen. (2010-07-20 CL)
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