De Havilland EG-1

Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Pays Australie
Designer(s) De Havilland
Premier constructeur De Havilland Australia
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Militaire

Envergure 18 m
Longueur 10.68 m
Hauteur 2.33 m
Surface alaire27.87 m2
Profil aile--
Masse à vide563 kg
Masse maxi1265 kg
Charge alaire--
Vitesse mini--
Vitesse maxi298 km/h
Finesse maxi
Taux de chute mini--
Nb sièges7
StructureTout bois

[Photo d'origine inconnue]
Vue a)- EG-1 b) G-2 c) A57-1 Glas II [via Dale Volkov]


De Havilland Australia--
Nombre total de constructions--
Infos techniquesCapacité : 1 pilote + 6 hommes de troupe.
Histoire résuméeDuring World War II the Australian Government issued specifications 5/42 for a small troop-carrying military glider, and the De Havilland EG-l and EG-2 (A57-1001 and 1002) designs were the result. The letters identifying the design were almost unbelievably direct -EG stood for "Experimental Glider". Only one EG-1 was built and it differed from the EG-2 in that the 60-foot span wing was a one-piece strait-tapered structure. The EG-2 had a shorter wing of only 50'6" which was tapered from a point just inboard of the aileron root. Layout was quite conventional, when compared to contemporary military gliders under development in other countries, and construction was all wood. No mention can be found of the troop capacity of the design, but weight figures and the width of the fuselage indicate a military load of approximately five troops and the pilot. The two prototypes were handed over to the RAAF on 11 November 1942.
It was envisaged that they would be produced in large numbers to fly troops to meet any Japanese invasion, and would be towed by such aircraft as the Fairey Battle and Vultee Vengeance. When the invasion threat did not materialise, only six aircraft were produced (DHA G-2) with longer wings and fuselages than the two prototypes.
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Autres sourcesSoaring août 1959 p 19. Note.


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