Caproni A-21

Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Pays Italie
Designer(s) FERRARIN, Carlo & SONZIO, Livio
Premier constructeur Caproni Vizzola Ticino
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Performance

Envergure 20.38 m
Longueur 7.73 m
Surface alaire16.19 m2
Profil aileFX 67K-170 (partie centrale) FC 60-126 (parties extérieures)
Masse à vide424 kg
Masse maxi644 kg
Charge alaire39.77 kg/m2
Vitesse mini--
Vitesse maxi--
Finesse maxi43
Taux de chute mini--
Nb sièges2
StructureFuselage fibre de verre et métal. Ailes métalliques.

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Caproni Vizzola Ticino--
Nombre total de constructions--
Infos techniquesBiplace côte à côte. Stabilisateur pendulaire.
Histoire résuméeCaproni (which built its first glider in 1908 at Vizzola Ticino, Italy ) produced the first A-21 in 1970, and within two years had collected four world multi-place sailplane speed and distance records with it. A 2-place all-metal ship with a fiberglass forward fuselage, the A-21 was followed into production by the slightly improved S model for which the accompanying data is given. The ship features a roomy side-by-side cockpit and widely spaced retractable twin landing wheels. Aft-hinged brakes on the lower surface, and these, with large flaps (which deflect to +89 degrees) limit speed in a vertical five to 188 kph / 102 kt / 117 mph. The T-tail is all moving. A steerable tail wheel and water ballast were optional. The jet powered A-21SJ has self-launch capabillity and a service ceiling of 10.973 m. / 36,000 ft. Specifications in parenthesis refer to the A-21 SJ.

Text from Aerokurier July '97:
Caproni Calif A-21S: Flying for two

The origin of the metal-construction Calif A-21S goes back more than 25 years. Still, the performance two-seater, by far, does not belong to the scrap-heap. As a true alternative for two-seat flying, the Calif is currently being small-series produced (6 aircraft) at the Gomolzig Flugzeug- und Maschinenbau. The Calif really offers a new quality for joint gliding, the pilots sitting side-by-side, shoulder by shoulder.

The Italian construction offers good performance (comparable to Janus C) and good flying characteristics, giving the aircraft a broad range of applications reaching from advanced training and guest flights up to performance flights. Only for competition flights in the double-seater class, it is exceeding the 20-meter definition by a few centimeters. The Calif is a real alternative in the performance two-seater class, giving joint flying a new quality. Also, the aircraft offers an attractive price. The A-21S costs approximately 20000 Marks less than a Duo Discus. The demonstration aircraft is being offered for DM14000, including VAT and with a very good instrumentation (Peschges VP7).

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