Aviastroitel AC-6

Autre nom (ou nom en langue originelle) : Glider Air Craft AC-6
Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Année inconnue
Pays Russie
Designer(s) FEDOROV, Vladimir Egorovich
Premier constructeur --
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Performance

Envergure 15 m
Longueur 6.75 m
Hauteur 1.3 m
Surface alaire9.5 m2
Profil aileWortmann FX 60-157
Masse à vide180 kg
Masse maxi300 kg
Charge alaire--
Vitesse mini72 km/h
Vitesse maxi200 km/h
Finesse maxi42 à 90 km/h
Taux de chute mini0.7 m/s à 88 km/h
Nb sièges1
StructureComposite fibre de verre et résine époxy

[Glider Air Craft]
[Glider Air Craft]


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Histoire résuméeThe Aviastroitel AC-6 is a Russian mid-wing, single-seat FAI 15 Metre Class glider that was designed and manufactured by Aviastroitel, now Glider Air Craft.
The aircraft was originally conceived as a retractable engine motor glider, to be a competitor to the Albastar Apis, but instead it was put into production as a conventional unpowered glider.
The company states the design goal of the AC-6 as a glider for the competition and training roles, even though it does not have provisions for water ballast.
The AC-6 is a 15 m (49.2 ft) wing span development of the 12.6 m (41.3 ft) span AC-5M, with longer, higher aspect ratio wings terminating in winglets. Like the AC-5, the AC-6 wing employs a Wortmann FX 60-157 airfoil. Assembly of the wing to the fuselage uses a cam pin and incorporates automatic hookups for the ailerons and air brakes. The landing gear is a retractable 360 mm (14.2 in) tire monowheel gear suspended with a pneumatic-hydraulic shock absorber. The wheel has a lever and cable operated drum brake. The cockpit can accommodate pilots up to 190 cm (74.8 in) in height. The canopy provides 300° field of view and is jettisonable.
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