Start + Flug H-101 Salto

Année du premier vol
(ou de design, si seul projet)
Pays Allemagne
Designer(s) HÄNLE, Ursula
Premier constructeur Start + Flug GmbH & Glasflügel
Type d'appareil Planeur
Fonction Voltige

Envergure 13.6 m
Longueur 5.95 m
Surface alaire8.6 m2
Profil aile--
Masse à vide280 kg
Masse maxi--
Charge alaire--
Vitesse mini--
Vitesse maxi280 km/h
Finesse maxi34
Taux de chute mini0.7 m/s
Nb sièges1

[Photo d'origine inconnue]
[Sailplanes 1965-2000, M. SIMONS]


Start + Flug GmbH & Glasflügel--
Nombre total de constructions--
Infos techniquesPlaneur de voltige.
Histoire résuméeThe Salto is an aerobatic sailplane designed by Ursula Hanle, widow of the former Glasflugel director and designer Eugen Hanle. The Salto, which first flew in 1971, employs a Standard Libelle wing shortened at the root to produce a span of 13.6 m., and fitted with trailing edge dive brakes and a tail parachute for approach control. The fuselage has a fixed, faired wheel and a V-tail. Many other features of the Libelle are incorporated. Tip extensions have been designated extending the wingpsan up to a much as 15.8 m./ 51.8 ft. form ?g? limitations are +7 and ?5. Later production was by Dokter Fiberglas. ATC

The H-101 Salto (German: "Loop") is an aerobatic glider of glass composite construction, developed in Germany in the 1970s. Based on the Standard Libelle H-201, it was designed by Ursula Hänle, widow of Eugen Hänle, former Director of Glasflügel. It was first produced by Start + Flug GmbH Saulgau.

The H-101 differs from the Libelle in having a V-tail, showing its ancestry to the V-tailed Hütter H-30 GFK. Four flush-fitting air brakes were put on the trailing edges of the wings, replacing the more conventionally-sited air brakes of the Standard Libelle. The Salto's air brakes are hinged at their mid-points so that half the surface projects above the wing and half below.

The Salto prototype first flew on 6 March 1970, and 67 had been delivered by early 1977, when production at Start + Flug GmbH Saulgau ceased. Five more Saltos were built from 1993 to 1996 at the German company "LTB Frank & Waldenberger", bringing total output of Salto gliders to 72.
Liens personnalitésHÄNLE, Ursula (Allemagne)
Exemplaires existants
Immatriculé : D-4016, localisation inconnue.


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LivresSailplanes 1965-2000
par SIMONS, Martin (2005) [p. 173. ].


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