Göppingen Gö-3 Minimoa
[photo Eric Fishwick]
Immatriculation : BGA 1639 (CYL)
Numéro de série : 378
Localisation : Dunstable (UK) (?)
Propriétaire : Francis RUSSELL
Statut de la machine : En état de vol
Probably a version 6 Minimoa (1939).
Received its first British C.ofA. in march 1972 after it had been imported airworthy from Holland in 1970, where it had been registered PH-390 owned by mr. Bierdrager. It was fitted with Schempp Hirth speed restricting dive brakes. Its C.of A. expired in january 1979 due to some glue failure in a wing, but is now flying again.
[LI Dédale n° 113, automne 2016, p 21. Mention
Date dernière info : 11/2016
Id. machine : 1041