Popular Mechanics Glider
Immatriculation : xxxx
Localisation : Sailplanes Museum, Monarto, South Australia
Propriétaire : Museum
Statut de la machine : En exposition
A refurbished-for-display Popular Mechanics glider is in the Sailplaners Museum at Monarto, South Australia
The airframe is believed to have been built in 1924 in Loxton South Australia by Karl Hoffmann for an air scout troop. It may have been one of 2 built.
The remains were housed by the Waikerie Gliding Club for many years; then taken over by the Adelaide hills Soaring Group for refurbishment & display.
The Adelaide Hills Soaring Group and the museum are 'mine' insofar as it is my airfield and infrastructure and personal motivation to do stuff beyond routine flying. [from Emilis Prelgauskas, 6-8-06]
Monarto Sailplane Museum
Date dernière info : 2006
Id. machine : 1136