Slingsby T-53B
Le T-53B HB-945 au-dessus de Wallis, Münster (Suisse) [Coll. Bernhard Gysel]
Immatriculation : HB-945
Année de construction : 1969
Localisation : Aarau (CH)
Propriétaire : Soaring Club SG Aarau (CH)
Statut de la machine : Inconnu
Infos de Bernhard GYSEL (CH) [2020-06-28]
Propriété du SG Aarau de 1969 à 1979, année à laquelle il fut vendu. On ne sait pas encore ce qu'il est devenu...
"I got a short confirmation from the owner, my brother Peter Gysel, of that foto with the T-53 over the Wallis, Münster. He was presiding the Soaring Club SG Aarau in that time, we went together to Kirbymoorside in Yorkshire for a short visit of the workshop place of Slingsby, July 1969 before the club procured it. According to my flight log book, the HB-945 was procured in summer 1969, last flights made in summer 1979. Then sold. We used it for basic and progressive training, even for instrument flying."
Date dernière info : 06/2020
Id. machine : 1231