Göppingen Gö-3 Minimoa
Immatriculation : JA-2547
Numéro de série : 4
Localisation : Japon
Propriétaire : Yasuhiro YAMA
Statut de la machine : En état de vol
Ex french Minimoa NO. 4 F-CAGM, it was brought back from the Montargis CIC, France to Munster, Germany in 1971 by the efforts of Rainer WILLEKE as D-1163. He bought it for a crate of beer. It had been the 4th of four Minimoas operating in France after 1945. Rainer WILLEKE and Paul SERRIES formed the Munster Oldtimer Club to restore and fly it.
It is fitted with the upper wing surface spoilers. Now property of the Honda family.
Pack photos Yasuhiro YAMA, nouveau propriétaire (?)
[LI Dédale n° 113, automne 2016, p 21. Mention
. Photographié par Yasushiro Yama Rétroplane.net (37 photos, 5,5 Mo)
Date dernière info :
Id. machine : 200