Slingsby T-45 Swallow
[photo GHC]
Immatriculation : BGA-1365
Année de construction : 1967
Localisation : Gliding Heritage Centre (Lasham, UK)
Propriétaire : Gliding Heritage Centre (GHC)
Statut de la machine : En restauration
The WD&HO Wills 1967 competition prize for the Northern section. Won by Mike Barker of the Derby and Lancs Gliding Club
(Camphill). Moved to Angus Gliding Club (Arbroath) in February 1973 where it remained until donated to the GHC
in August 2012. Last flown Aug 2003. Current restoration project by Lasham VGC members. Donated to the GHC by Francis Webster (Arbroath).
Date dernière info : 09/2013
Id. machine : 756