Jacobs Schweyer Weihe
[photo GHC]
Immatriculation : BGA-448
Numéro de série : 21
Année de construction : 1943
Localisation : Gliding Heritage Centre (Lasham, UK)
Propriétaire : Gliding Heritage Centre (GHC)
Statut de la machine : En exposition
1947-Acquired by the Surrey Gliding Club- at Redhill.
1962-Acquired by the "21 Syndicate" (still active at Lasham).
Notable flights
1949- 2nd in the National Championship at Camphill.
Surrey GC team - John Neilan, Derek Reid & Wally Kahn.
1950- 250 miles, from Redhill to Brussels by Lorne Welch (Surrey CFI).
195?- Winner of the Wakefield Trophy for longest flight of the year.
Restoration history : 2012. Extensive repairs to both wings have been completed and now await painting - when weather permits! The tail-plane has been largely re-built and the canopy is being painstakingly restored. The glider is to be finished in her original German markings. 27 June 2013 - Weihe (448) in position in the Chris Wills Memorial Hangar.
Date dernière info : 09/2013
Id. machine : 757